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Thomas James Daley

About Thomas Daley

About me

"The needs of the client come first."

I have built a career around advocating for people who need someone in their corner.

Divorce does not have to be a battle that consumes a couple's assets and a family's soul. Yet, clients need a strong advocate who will make sure their rights are preserved, their settlements and judgments are enforceable, and their children and assets protected.

I provide focused and determined legal representation. From the first day on your case to the last, my support staff and I follow a proven, flexible plan for obtaining the best outcome in your case.

Areas of Practice

* Texas Family Law
* Negotiation and Agreed Settlements
* Highly Contested Cases
* Divorce, Modification, Enforcement
* Child Support
* Office of Attorney General (OAG) Cases
* Unsurpassed Client Service