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  • Im just wondering if any lawyer who visits this site has ever sued CPS

    CPS failed to get a court order falied to drug test the mother got someone who went to prison for manslaughter to take the kids and hide them the gave these two little girls info to a sex offender in prison is this a good case

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    Impossible to determine if this is a good or viable case based on your three lines of text.

    Whatever someone tells you, you can use CPS and its caseworkers in federal court under 42 USC 1983.

    I can not help you with this at this time, but call some local Dallas attorneys if you need a consultation. You can use AVVO to find some.

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  • I am being sued by a credit card company. I did not receive the documents because i missed the process server. What should i do?

    The Credit card company is Capital One

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    I must ask this question, how do you know you are being sued if you did not receive the documents and missed the process server?

    You must be properly served, but you can't not try to avoid service either. if the attorney/process server makes several attempts and can not get you served, they can ask for substituted service (i.e. leaving it at your place with someone over 16 or on your door) and eventually they can serve you by publication (i.e. the newspaper).

    So you do not want to let that happen. You must file an answer to the lawsuit with a general denial stating you deny all material and factual allegations and file this in Court an serve the attorney who represents Chase.

    If you can afford an attorney, that would be your best bet. if not, file tne answer.

    Maybe you can settle for a much lesser amount if the attorney knows you are unemployed with no money.

    Good luck.

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  • Could I win custody of my 8 year old daughter?

    I have been thinking of trying to get custody for a couple of years now but havnt done it for financial reasons. i have another child that I pay child support on also and between both child support payments it makes it reall hard for me to afford ...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    It depends on what evidence is established. Rumors will not count, so it depends on what she will say under oath, what the grandfather says under oath, if any police reports exist for any arrests, if your attorney can get documents from the rehab place she went all of this is going to add up to be expensive to really develop this case.

    However, are you getting some possession now...weekends, spring breaks, birthdays, summertime? a minimum , you should be getting some possession and access, and visitation.

    Sole custody depends on if you want to spend some decent money to really go 100 percent after it, or if you want to do it for less money by just seeing what happens in Court.

    Did you know that if you have reliable information that your daughter is in danger of abuse or using drugs for example (must be reliable information), you have a duty to call CPS?

    Has CPS investigated any of this?

    Good luck to you,

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  • Do I need to inform defense of all other lawsuits I have been a part of or currently may have pending?

    This was an interrogatory question in a civil lawsuit in federal court

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    The answer is "it depends." It depends on the relevancy of the other lawsuits. I will give you an example.

    Let's say you are suing for personal injuries and you were a party to a simple divorce proceeding 15 years prior, or a breach of contract case years prior, or a real estate lawsuit years prior. Those probably have very little, if any, relevance to the current case. But if you had another personal injury suit 1 year prior, that one is probably relevant. So it depends.

    But your attorney should timely object to the question if you were a party to a previous lawsuit that simply has no relevance to the current case. An interrogatory must be sufficiently limited in time and scope.

    If you do not care about disclosing the information, you can disclose it subject to the objections.

    Good luck to you.

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  • I got into a car accident, they have insurance I don't. What will happen?

    Over a month ago, I was driving my boyfriends car, which wasn't insured.I was going through an intersection, the light turned yellow but I had to go through because there wasn't enough time to stop. A woman on the opposite side of the road was tak...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    The fault for this accident sounds like a "she said, she said" argument, your word against hers. So it could go either way, since you said there were no witnesses and no cameras. Whoever files suit has the burden of proof to prove their case by a preponderance of evidence.

    What you did not mention is what was determined in terms of fault on the police report (or causes contributing to the accident), if anything?

    You could be sued by the woman. In Texas, a person injured in an automobile accident has up to 2 years to sue, not positive about NH.

    You should probably contact a local attorney about the incident and tell him or her the story, show them the police report, and find out if you can get some help pursuing a claim against her since the vehicle you were driving was totaled. You did not say whether you were injured. You can pursue an injury claim as well.

    Good luck to you.

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  • Suing for diminished value in a small claims court?

    My father was in a car accident last year (2011) where a guy ran a red light and hit my father's new 2011 MAZDA. The total damages for the accident was around $10,000. His car insurance paid for repairs, and offered a $1300 check for diminished va...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    I admire your father's ingenuity for asserting the claim for diminshed value. I agree that maybe your father should have a Plaintiff's lawyer with him on the day of trial.

    Sheadyn R. Rogers
    Board Certified - Personal Injury Trial Law
    Plano, Tx

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  • If my daughters father and I do not agree on any visitation arrangements do we need to go to mediation ?

    Its over an hour drive for me and I'm financially strapped and I don't have a car I would need to borrow one to go.And also he is illegal here committing fraud and yet in court the commissioner always sides with him, whatever I do is wrong and he ...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

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    Yes, you have to go to mediation if a Court ordered it or you could be sanctioned. You have to do everything the Court orders, or get permission BEFORE you do not do something from the Court to get it changed.

    Good luck to you.

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  • What happens in mediation? What happens if i cant attend mediation? Is there a consequence to it?

    The day i have mediation is the day i start my job and i cant miss my first day of work or else i loose the job. i am not going to fight her fathers request on visitation time, i agree with what he is requesting. im just worried if i can get fined...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    With a scheduled mediation, you can be sanctioned and ordered to pay a fine for just not attending. So you try to get the mediation rescheduled. Call your attorney and ask to get it rescheduled if you have an attorney. If you do not, call the mediator's office and advise them of the situation about your new job and try to get it rescheduled.

    One of these should work. If all else fails, you can file a motion with the Court and go have a hearing and explain the situation to the Judge, but it probably will not come to that.

    Remember, whatever the Judge orders, you have to do, including mediation.

    Good luck to you.

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  • Where can I get a family attorney who practices in Kaufman county?

    I need a family attorney who will work pro bono? I have tried the legal aide route and have gotten nowhere with them. My spouse and I are disagreeing about the custody of our child. I have four children and simply can not afford high fees.

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    I am an attorney and mediator. Unfortunately, there are not too many pro bonos lawyers out there to my knowledge. Everyone has to make a living. And with the great deal of stress attorneys go through to take on family law cases (we generally have clients who are sometimes very emotional and stressed out), not too many do it for free.

    Maybe you could try mediating the custody issues with your spouse to see if a settlement agreement can be reached.

    Or maybe you could check with family to see if you can borrow some money to take care of this family issue.

    Good luck to you.

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  • Can a father share a one bedroom apartment with a 6 yr old girl on his every other weekend

    My ex has moved into his own place. The area is not good at all. My daughter is supposed to go stay with him this coming weekend. The area is very shady and i am worried about my daughters safety. His new apartment is a one bedroom. Can she sleep ...

    Sheadyn’s Answer

    This is a tough one.

    First, it does not matter that he is behind on child support, you can not refuse visitation based on where he is on child support...I would recommend not even bring that up in the context of whether he should get visitation.

    Concerning the living arrangements, unforuntately, it may be that he only can afford a one bedroom. He may have plans to sleep on the couch, we don't really know all of the details.

    I assume there is a court order setting forth visitation. If you refuse to let her go, he could call the police, so you run a risk.

    You can always call a family law attorney and consult with him or her and you can go back to court to try to change the order if you think there is a risk to your child. But again, the Judge has to be convinced that a material change has occurred such that your child is in danger. From the facts you gave us in one short paragraph, I am sure most Courts would need more information.

    Good luck.

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