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Laurence A. Deplaza

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  • Excellent Firm!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    DePlaza and his staff are outstanding!

    I think the most important thing I can share is how very experienced DePlaza is, and that he's phenomenal in the courtroom.

    If you're in distress because you have had incompetent representation that has made your case a disaster, you can expect a "Hail Mary" turnaround with Deplaza on your team.

    From the very beginning, it was evident that each and every one of DePlaza's staff, sincerely cared for the interest of my child, and not just about me as a paying client.

    I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Mr. DePlaza, and his staff.

    I've had the unfortunate fate of being in serious litigation, that spanned over a decade. I've had more attorneys than any poor soul should ever have to have, and our case was likely one of the most complex cases one could ever choose to represent.

    Hands down, DePlaza was "BY FAR" the best attorney I've ever had!

    In the past, I was often in despair, because attorneys would neglect our family's very serious case, to give their entire attention to their high-profile cases. We sadly discovered that division of millions was more important to them than a hurting child.

    With my past attorneys, I felt very alone, as if I was simply a paycheck. Past attorneys were inaccessible, with a complete lack of empathy or concern.

    In stark contrast, DePlaza was the most accessible attorney I've ever had, with a cheerful office manager that answers immediately, directing your calls accordingly.

    DePlaza never goes on holiday when your case needs attention. I remember when he was in his office on a Sunday working on my case, and that was on Thanksgiving weekend! I really teared up when he called during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was so moved by his devotion. It was more than I could've ever thought possible. I had never had an attorney that actually cared before, I had come to believe they didn't exist.

    DePlaza is the only attorney that has ever given me their personal cell phone number. DePlaza even answered an urgent after hours call, while at dinner party. That's how much he cares about his clients!

    DePlaza's legal secretary is spectacular! Lisa is exceptionally gifted at what she does. Lisa does most of the paperwork and orders. Lisa is fast and efficient, which saved me money! Lisa is the warmest, most kind person you'll ever meet, and that really meant a lot to me, because we had to work together on some difficult issues, and her calming nature helped keep me calm.

    DePlaza has decades of experience, and he is the most efficient attorney I've ever employed. He knows what he's doing, and he works with precision and speed. Thus, I didn't get charged the ridiculously, long hours other attorneys often charged me to research what they should have learned in law school, and that saved me a lot of money!

    DePlaza is a machine in the courtroom. Deplaza has a powerful presence. He's an intense and aggressive individual, with incredible litigation skills. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with more passion or intensity when fighting for their clients.

    DePlaza was emotionally invested, and deeply cared about the wellbeing of my child, and that zeal and passion made all the difference in the world.

    This protective mom is forever grateful for our champion Laurence DePlaza, and our family is so very thankful to have found such an incredibly loyal, devoted and skilled attorney.

  • Big on words and short on action

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Larry is big on words and poor on action.

    I never felt protected with Deplaza as my lawyer, and had to switch lawyers after 6 months.

    I repeatedly had to argue with him to get him to take simple actions, and defend baseless claims made against me. Still, there was always a reason he didn't want to go in front of a judge to help.

    The result was a lot of talk & nothing accomplished except a LOT of fees charged.

    He demonstrated he was more concerned how he looked to the other firm's lawyers, than what I need him to do.