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Tran v. Rodriguez

Case Conclusion Date: 03.05.2012

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: We won. Verdict for Plaintiff.

Description: This did not win a lot of money, but is notable because the police report AND only witness were against me. Hard to win with those facts. This is how Verdict Search reported the case: TEXAS DALLAS COUNTY MOTOR VEHICLE Rear-ender Plaintiffs claimed cervical and lumbar strains in rear-ender Verdict (P) $12,006 Net $14,147 Case Thu Tran and Tho Nguyen v. Martha Rodriguez, No. DC-10-16831 Court Dallas County District Court, 95th Judge Ken Molberg Date 3/5/2012 Plaintiff Attorney(s) Steve Sanderfer, Modjarrad & Abusaad, Richardson, Texas Defense Attorney(s) John W. Stilwell, John W. Stilwell & Associates, Irving, TX Facts & Allegations On Sep. 2, 2009 plaintiff Thu Tran was driving a car on Corn Valley Road in Grand Prairie with plaintiff Tho Nguyen as a passenger when they were involved in a collision with a car driven by Martha Rodriguez. Tran and Nguyen sued Rodriguez, claiming negligence. Tran claimed he had slowed for a left turn when Rodriguez failed to control her speed or keep a proper lookout and collided with the rear of his car. Rodriguez denied negligence. Rodriguez claimed Tran's taillights were not functional, and she did not know he was braking until it was too late to avoid the collision. The police report filed on the collision claimed the taillights were off and placed blame for the collision on Tran. Injuries/Damages Lumbar strain, cervical; strain, lumbar; chiropractic; strain, cervical; strain, lumbar; chiropractic Tran and Nguyen claimed to have sustained cervical and lumbar strains. They underwent emergency room treatment and two months of chiropractic treatment. They were seeking $12,006 for past medical expenses, plus past pain and suffering and physical impairment. Result The jury found Rodriguez negligent and Tran not negligent. They were awarded $12,006 for past medical expenses. The court awarded $1,442 in court costs and $698.76 in prejudgment interest. Plaintiff(s) Tho Nguyen $4,556 past medical cost $4,556 plaintiff's total award Thu Tran $7,449 past medical cost $7,449 plaintiff's total award

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