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Steve Eliot Sanderfer

Steve Sanderfer’s Legal Guides

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  • The Gap in Treatment

    One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in negotiating a personal injury case is the gap in treatment. Insurance adjusters pounce on gaps in treatment and hold onto them for dear life. The adjusters translate a gap in treatment to mean the injured party was not really inj...

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  • The First Steps

    When an accident happens, we rarely think clearly, especially if we are injured. Our adrenaline is pumping, we are in a state of shock, and much of what we do is automatic. But what you do in those first moments of an accident can make a huge difference later in a lawsuit. Lets d...

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  • The Bite IS Sometimes Worse than the Bark

    One of the most terrifying events a person can endure is a dog attack. The most common theme with these dog attacks is that the dogs are large and vicious. The majority of the dogs involved in attacks are pit-bull. Injuries from dogs can include torn skin, broken bones, and rippe...

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  • Texting and Driving

    Texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving. It is the most dangerous thing you can do with a cell phone while driving. A recent study by the Virginia tech Transportation Institute found that texting while driving makes you 20 times more likely to have an...

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  • Texas Supreme Court Bias

    Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court once again cast its arms around Big Business and shoved Texans out the door. Not so long ago, if you were the victim of an accident wherein medical bills were incurred you could present the total amount of his bills to a jury even if yo...

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  • The Do(s) and Don't(s) of an Auto Accident

    If you are ever involved in an accident, there certain things you should absolutely do, and some things you absolutely not do. These are extremely important, not just for your well-being, but also to help you should a claim need to be filed. This applies regardless of the type of...

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  • Do You Really Need an Attorney?

    That seems to be the question any time we are injured. We get slammed by another car and we believe that we can simply take care of the problem ourselves. Or maybe, our friends, always so ready to give advice, give us conflicting advice: some say yes, some say no. Now it is my t...

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