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William Anthony Vitz

About William Vitz

About me

All cases are different; All lawyers are different. At Vitz Law, we understand the difference and the importance of each client’s story. We don’t run a case-mill at Vitz Law. It’s not a game of volume for us. We don’t believe in proclaiming to be experts and we don’t blog, advertise, or promote ourselves primarily to get people’s money. Whether you’ve been injured, or charged with DWI, murder, or a traffic ticket, you’ve got a unique life experience that can be told by a lawyer who cares, and understands what you’ve been through. And that’s what makes the difference for any judge or jury.

Tony Vitz has over 23 years of courtroom experience. He has been training consistently since 1999, when he attended the legendary Trial Lawyer’s College in Wyoming; a select group of lawyers from across the country that specializes in helping people. This training has given him tools to learn his client’s stories and enables him to effectively share them with the jury.

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