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Rachel Estelle Montes

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  • I was in a car accindent 2 weeks ago i have a older fleetwood that wasin great condition and was at a stop light

    and i was hit in the rear end insurance company has totaled my car because it will cost 3500 to 4200 to repair how do i know what is a fair market price

    Rachel’s Answer

    Great question, property damage claims may be the most frustrating for people hit by negligent drivers because you dont always get fair value for your car. You should spend some time going to local "previously enjoyed" local car dealerships to look for similar vehicles in similar condition to yours. Find the ones that are in premium condition, like yours, with similar milage, and get the values for those vehicles to argue that the insurance company should pay you what a similar car is worth in your locale. itemize all of the extra's that your car has and what it would cost to replace your car with a similar make, model, year, condition and milage vehicle. Good luck.

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