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Searcy L. Simpson Jr.

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  • Grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leslie

    My family and I were represented by Skip and his firm and if I could have selected something above "excellent", I would have for each category. Skip Simpson never failed to consider me as a whole person and always advised me in ways that were best for myself and my family. He was true and consistent from the first day I spoke to him until today and I expect that will remain true well beyond our legal matters. I am honored to have had Skip as a legal advisor and even more proud to call him a friend. He is someone worthy of respect and trust. I am a better person because of the way he handled our case and I am truly grateful beyond words for how Skip helped restore my faith, my hope and my family... These are things way beyond value!

  • Recent Client

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Skip recently represented my family. Skip's expertise gave us a successful outcome. His character and integrity make him not just a great lawyer but a great man. I highly recommend Mr. Simpson.

  • Skip brought our family back together!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynn

    Skip represented us in a medical malpractice suit several years ago. We did go to trial, and Skip was a maestro in the courtroom. He turned every witness for the defense into a witness for us! He took the time to prepare us for what to expect during a very difficult trial. Skip was, and is a very ethical and caring man! Our family had been torn apart by some very unscrupulous people, and Skip brought us back together! He remains a very important person in our lives!

  • Shaun Johnson Death

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    After the death of our son we were fortunate to have "Skip" brought into our case. Without revealing details "Skip" researched investigated this unnecessary tragic death and brought the facility and individuals responsible to a just result holding them accountable.
    "Skip" treated our family with respect and compassion. We are sincerely grateful for his professionalism.

  • AMAZING Lawyer and Human Being

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Skip Simpson is one of the most unique, caring , brilliant, trustworthy, devoted, determined and compassionate men I know. His work as an attorney far surpasses anything imaginable. He is committed to his work, his beliefs and his clients. I don't know how I fell upon him but now believe I was lead to him as he was the perfect man and lawyer to drive out litigation. His knowledge of his field is unsurpassed and his connections to the best experts in unmatched. My family had originally hired an attorney from a large Arizona firm but quickly became disenchanted with their blatent concern for a quick settlement in spite of the glaring negligence in our case. Again, I fell upon Skip via a random Google search....spoke with him...and moved quickly to fire our "big corporate attorney." Skip worked diligently, painstakenly, and was a real advocate and pit bull when needed. Thanks to him, we got the result we desired and it was NOT about "the money." It was about doing the right thing, which is what this man is all about. I am blessed to know him and he will not let you down. He is rare and so worthy of your case.

    Denise Burne Fein
    Break the Silence
    President/Dealer Principal
    Matt Burne Honda
    Scranton, PA

  • brilliant and compassionate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    Mr. Simpson was tireless in his pursuit of our claim. He was tough in the negotiations and depositions, thourough in his research of the law and facts and resourceful in his search for experts. Most of all, he actually cared about our family and achieved a result that exceeded our expectations.

  • Just the Best Lawyer in Texas!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    Skip Simpson was my attorney on a case - the first of its kind - against therapists helping to create false memories. From the very second I met this man; he has been and remains one of the finest attorneys I have ever known. And, we have remained friends since our meeting in 1991. He took me from a worn down, emotionally distraught, ex-patient, to a positive, self assured person who held people accountable for injuring me and my child. Skip is not only up front and honest with his clients, he is supportive and easy to count on. For nearly 20 years, he has remained my friend. Our case was difficult, but he believed in me when I could not believe in myself. Most importantly, Skip is a gun-slinger in trial. If you find yourself needing a lawyer, you want the best. They broke the mold when they put a law degree on this guy. I will always have the utmost respect and admiration for this man. Since my case settled out of court in 1993, I have remained friends with Skip. Many times thru the years I have called him just to get a “boost” because I know he respects me and cares a great deal for me and my family. I know if I ever get into any trouble, Skip will help me. He has proven that on several occasions. My daughter was just 12 when we began our lawsuit. He was beside her during depositions and I saw him slam the table defending her against an – shall we say - unscrupulous opposing counsel. Skip has never let me down. He will always be someone I will love and admire. He has a lovely family and so obviously cares deeply for them. Skip is a family man, a strong man, and a wonderful friend. If you need an attorney, I would say look no further because he is and will always be the best of the best. He puts his whole self into each client and their case. I firmly believe I am a better person today because Skip Simpson changed my life in 1991.