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Thomas Albert Greenwald

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  • Common law marriage, what about divorce or seperation?

    My wide and I moved from Brazil to USA. Married in TX but have been seperated and living apart for 7 years. Not divorced and no seperation agreement. No mutual assets, bills or income. Each went own way. Is there such thing as like a common law ma...

    Thomas’s Answer

    Living together in Texas does not necessarily mean you are common law married. Two unmarried people can become common law husband and wife by completing, signing, and recording a declaration of their marriage with the county clerk or by satisfying the following three-part test:

    1. Agree to be married (this cannot be inferred from 2 and 3 below);
    2. Live together in Texas as husband and wife; and
    3. Represent to others that they are married.

    If you are common law married, you will need to obtain a divorce. You can handle the divorce yourself or you can hire an attorney.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

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