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Curtis W. Harrison II

Curtis Harrison’s Legal Guides

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  • Dealing with the Annual Christmas Custody Games

    Christmas is finally here. For millions of Americans, Christmas is simply the most wonderful time of the year. But if you are in the middle of a divorce or child-custody modification, you may have discovered that reindeer aren't the only ones who are playing games: 1. Perhaps you...

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  • Representing Yourself in a Collin County, Texas Divorce?

    Representing yourself is fraught with potential pitfalls that could wind up costing you time and money at some point in the future. Nevertheless, some folks prefer to proceed without a lawyer. If you are one of those individuals and you live in Collin County, Texas, here are a fe...

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  • Can You File For Divorce in Texas if Your Spouse Does Not Live in the State?

    A number of questions have recently been posted regarding a Texas residents ability to file for divorce when the other spouse does not reside here. Can it be done? The answer is a qualified yes. A divorce may be filed and maintained in Texas if either party to suit has been a res...

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  • There is More Than One Way to Get Divorced

    Many people assume that if they want to get a divorce they either have to do it themselves or they have to hire lawyers to fight and go to court. In reality, there is a complete menu of options available. You just have to know what's on the menu in order to ask the right questions.

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  • Divorce Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

    Weve all seen news accounts about the financial nightmare called divorce. You may have heard tales of woe that go something like this: The Smiths just got divorced and John told me it cost over $100,000 for each side! Such a price tag might draw a yawn or a snicker from the blue...

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  • Why Not A "Minimally Invasive" Divorce?

    Over the last 25 years Americans have been on the cutting edge of advancements in medicine. 25 years ago a back surgery required long hospital stays, metal plates, and months of recovery. Today, surgeons deliver minimally-invasive procedures that have folks in and out faster than...

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  • Three Mistakes You Should Not Make In a Divorce

    After seventeen years of practicing family law in and out of the courtroom I like to think Ive seen or heard just about everything. Of course, thats hyperbole, but the truth is that clients have a hard time surprising me anymore. And I have noticed over the years that in the mids...

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