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Carl O. Gunnstaks

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  • I want custody of my two year old. Birth father has not been in his life but is a jerk and will not sign over rights.

    I've been to two court dates. First, birth father did not show. Second, court states they could not locate him. He lives in a storage unit; and on a park bench in Plano. I've given his parent's and his brother's addresses to the courts. I want...

    Carl’s Answer

    If service can't be accomplished, the Court won't issue any orders in the absence of the father for constitutional due process reasons. I suggest you retain an attorney who can request substituted service on father through someone else from whom father is reasonably likely to receive notice of your lawsuit and of your request for orders restraining father from exercising unrestricted access to your son. Proper paperwork and procedure is required to reach that immediate first step. Yes, good attorneys tend to be expensive in this supply-and-demand economy, and initial consultation fees are common among attorneys in demand. Your concerns for your child's safety should be addressed as soon as possible. Whether or not there are ANY prior orders is unkown from your question, but is important. Please note that these answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship,

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