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In The Interest of K.N.M., A Child

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Grandmother Gets to See Her Grandchild

Description: My client simply wanted to see her granddaughter who she had helped to raise. An agreement was reached before the trial started and a Rule 11 Agreement was entered into the court's record. The Petitioner in this case, the mother of the child, attempted to withdraw her consent to the Rule 11 Agreement two months after the fact. My Motion to Enter was granted and a SAPCR Order was signed. A Motion for New Trial by the Petitioner's attorney failed. Judge Gabriel confirmed that the Rule 11 Agreement was binding and that my client would still be able to see her granddaughter. After two failed attempts by the Petitioner's attorney to get a Writ of Mandamus issued against Judge Gabriel, the case went to the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. I not only drafted the brief but also presented oral argument in front of a panel of three justices. The appellate court confirmed that protocol was followed and that the Rule 11 Agreement could not be waived or thrown out. My client is very happy for the time she gets with her granddaughter.

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