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Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin’s Legal Guides

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  • Marriage Visa - How to Get Permanent Residence (Green Card) through Marriage.

    Elaine Martin, immigration lawyer, describes the process for getting permanent residence (green card) via marriage to a US citizen. The process describes the steps involved when the foreign spouse is

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  • What are the Consequences of Layoffs on H-1B Workers?

    1. How long can I stay in the US after my H-1B job ends? A person in H-1B status is legally authorized to remain in the US only as long as they are employed with the H-1B petitioner (“sponsor”). If

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  • My Spouse is "Illegal" - What Can I Do?

    My spouse entered legally and overstayed. In general, if your spouse entered the US legally and overstayed the authorized stay, you can petition for your spouse to become a permanent resident. All t

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  • How to Ensure That You Have the Correct Immigration Documents/Forms to Return to the US

    Overview We encourage everyone with travel plans, including US citizens, to check the Department of Homeland Security website for information on travel, including airport security and documentary req

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