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Timothy J. O'Hare

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  • Is there a cap on pain and suffering in the state of Texas. And what is the amount on the cap?"

    I was rear ended by a commercial vehicle . I have been threw physical therapy , pain management with steroid injection , also back surgery . I am also being treated for depression . My medical bills are in the 155000 range . I would like to ...

    Timothy’s Answer

    I am terribly sorry to hear about your situation. The good news for you is that there is no pain and suffering cap in Texas related to an auto accident.

    If you take nothing from this site, I at least hope you'll take this piece of advice: hire an attorney whether it is my firm or another one.

    Failing to do so could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, having an attorney on your case will take the stress, anxiety and guessing out of it for you.

    You deserve to have someone who will go to bat for you to keep the insurance company from taking advantage of you. Let me know if we can help.

    We offer a FREE Case evaluation.

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  • Does dr. pepper settle their personal injury case? Or do my husband have to fight them in court?

    My husband was rear ended by a dr. pepper commercial vehichle. Went thru several treatment for neck and back injuries. PT, injections, to microdiscectomy surgery. He is also being treated by pain management and a neursurgeon for a concussion wit...

    Timothy’s Answer

    Attempting to handle a personal injury case on your own is equivalent to trying to provide your own medical treatment. It might work, but chances are extremely high it will fall short. I think failing to hire a personal injury lawyer for this case, whether it is me or someone else, is a grave mistake that will likely leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table, if not botch it outright.

    This is in no way being critical of you, but simply my opinion based on almost 2 decades of experience.

    I'd be happy to visit with you if you'd like an honest, straight-forward assessment.

    Good luck either way.

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  • Involved in dallas public transportation because of driver negelince in mdedical scotternot being secured damage back and nec

    reported to dart police and given a case number went to emergencea at hospital report cervvicalneck strain alsok neck

    Timothy’s Answer

    I agree with every lawyer that has responded so far. Contact a personal injury attoney by telephone, and let the attorney you speak with advise you. Talking to DART is a mistake. I'd be happy to speak with you. You may call me at 972-960-0000. There is no fee for calling, only if we sign you to a contract and recover money for you.

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  • Do I need an attorney if I was hit by a drunk driver and he was not given a breathlyzer or soboriety test? Please read...

    My family was stopped at a red light - the (drunk) driver was on the other side of the road, came under a bridge, went up on the embankment, came back down going very fast (speed limit 40 tops in the area) went threw an intersection crossing multi...

    Timothy’s Answer

    I'm terribly sorry this happened. You should absolutely hire a lawyer. We've been helping victims of drunk driving accidents in North Texas for almost two decades and would be happy to help you through the process, but encourage you to hire a lawyer whether you hire us or not.

    You are welcome to call my cell today if you'd like to speak with me. The consultation is free. 214-724-7001.

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  • My car is totalled after being hit by a drunk driver. What additional help can a lawyer provide?

    On 10/31/12 at 2:15pm Central Time, I was rear ended by a drunk driver while at a stop light which was red. My car has been determined a total loss. I am awaiting final approvals from the insurance company. I have filed all the claims. I have pic...

    Timothy’s Answer

    A lawyer will help you recover far more for your bodily injury case than you can recover yourself. It is really that simple.

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  • My son was hit by a car right in front of our house while riding a skateboard down the driveway. thousands in medical bills

    several children playing in the street that day as well as 8-10 parents watching. the person came up the street not paying attention and hit my son and sending him to the hospital. who is liable here, this is a residential neighborhood. there we...

    Timothy’s Answer

    Hi Little Elm resident. I recently handled a case with what sounds like very, very similar facts (except my client's son was riding a bike, not a skateboard.). The insurance company for the driver originally denied the case and we convinced them to pay out the policy limits on the case in a relatively short time frame.

    I'd like to know more facts, but would welcome your telephone call. We will discuss your options with you for free, and you can then decide whether to hire us or choose someone else. But, I would strongly suggest you hire an attorney.

    Our number is 972-960-0000. FYI, we have recently helped a couple of people in Little Elm, including one of your police officers there.

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  • Can my husband sue for more than policy limits?

    Oct. Of last year my husband was rear ended by dr. Pepper in stop and go traffic which also pushed him into a car ahead of him. The driver who rear ended him was 100% at fault. My husband has gone through physical therapy steroid injections and no...

    Timothy’s Answer

    Hi. I am sorry to hear about what happened to your husband. You certainly can refuse to accept an offer of policy limits and seek to recover over and above the policy limits from the company. If I were betting on it, I'd bet Dr Pepper has a very large policy and an excess coverage policy that would make this unnecessary.

    If you do not have a lawyer on this case, I cannot emphasize enough that hiring one is imperative. I have no doubt a quality lawyer can get you and your husband far more than you can get on your own.

    I have been helping people in the DFW area for more than 16 years in cases exactly like this one and would be happy to speak with you or your husband for free. You are welcome to call us at 972-960-0000.

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  • Allstate is the umbrella policy not providing details.

    there are 2 insurance policies 1 is a primary and all state is an umbrella the primary is providing details an SIMI fair numbers, however all state is not, there has been two demands sent the only reply Allstate will send is a letter stating "th...

    Timothy’s Answer

    Hi Hurst resident. I cannot emphasize what I am about to say enough. Do yourself a favor and call an experienced personal injury lawyer. Whether it is my law firm or another, you will end up with a better deal in this thing by hiring a lawyer. The insurance company people you will deal with get raises and promotions based on how much money they save the company, not on how happy the claimanats are.

    Your question leads me to believe there are some pretty serious injuries here, and dealing with someone with an umbrella policy tells me you are dealing with a considerable amount of liability coverage.

    There are so many potential pitfalls for you, no one could begin to put them all in writing in a forum like this.

    Almost without fail, a good lawyer will always get more money for a client than a claimant can get on their own, and the lawyer takes the hassle, anxiety and wonder out of the equation, leveling the playing field between you and the insurance companies.

    You are welcome to call me at 972-960-0000. We help people in Tarrant County regularly.

    Good luck.

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  • I had car accident last months want to know settlement process below i add brief description of my case.

    Hi I had a accident last month one drunken driver wrecked my car from behind my car was totaled. i was in hospital for 3 days i have fractured ribs, 11 stitches on my right legs, internal injury in my abdominal and i have wounds in my left leg and...

    Timothy’s Answer

    So sorry to hear about your situation. You have been through a lot. I hope your recovery goes as smmothly as possible.

    On this next point, I cannot emphasize this enough: whether it is my law firm or another, you absolutely must contact a lawyer. There are so many traps, pitfalls, nuances and issues to deal with, most of which you are completely unaware of, that trying to do this without a lawyer is no different than trying to treat your injuries without seeing a doctor.

    I encourage you to contact someone immediately. No one can give you better adice than this.

    If we can help, please let me know.


    Tim O'Hare

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  • How does becoming disable due to a car accident adds value to your case?

    October 5th,2011 my husband was rear eneded by a dr. pepper commercial vehichle while sitting in traffic. Dr. pepper asmotted to 100% at fault. Our car was totaled. He has multiple levels of disc protrusions. He had therapy, epidural injections an...

    Timothy’s Answer

    I am sorry to hear about your husband's situation. I think there is more value to the case, not because he has been declared disabled, but because of the injuries themselves that render him disabled. If the jury is allowed to hear that your husband was approved for permanent disability, which is not guaranteed, it could be helpful. I'm not sure this approval ever sees the light of day in the courtroom, but the jury will certainly hear about the debilitating injuries that have led to his being declared permanently disabled. I hope this makes sense.

    On another note, I would encourage you to hire a lawyer if you have not already done so. Whether it is my firm, or another, hiring a reputable personal injury lawyer will help your husband in more ways than you can count, and will almost assuredly result in a larger recovery for him.

    You also have a claim for something known as loss of consortium, which I would encourage you to make with the help of a lawyer. Essestially, loss of consortium means loss of compansionship, support and male-female relations.

    We would be happy to talk to you for free. Our number is 972-960-0000. If we don't hear from you, I wish you and your husband the best.

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