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Josh D Lee

About Josh Lee

About me

     I am a former police officer with a degree in Criminal Justice.  I left law enforcement to pursue a law degree.  While in law school I worked for the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office as a licensed legal intern.  As a LLI I was assigned to the Major Crimes team where I conducted preliminary hearings on major crimes in Tulsa County. 

      In 2007, I left the D.A.s office and partnered with Clint Ward to form Ward & Lee, P.L.C.  I soon realized that I wanted to focus my practice on criminal defense and specifically the citizen accused of driving under the influence.

     I joined the National College for DUI Defense and began traveling all over the United States learning from the top experts in the world on all things related to DUI defense. 

     I am now routinely consulted with by fellow attorneys in the area of DUI defense.  I have also been asked to teach on the subjects.  I am fortunate in that I have found a career that I love and is equally challenging.  Don't trust just any attorney to handle your DUI.  Make sure you have one that truly understands the law and science of DUI defense.  There are very few Oklahoma attorneys that are properly trained to handle a DUI case.  Checking with is a good way to make sure you hire a qualified and knowledgeable attorney. 

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