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Crissy Cladakis v. The Cladgroup, Bill Cladakis and Harriet Cladakis

Case Conclusion Date: 02.17.2010

Practice Area: Contracts and agreements

Outcome: action pending

Description: This lawsuit was instituted by the Plaintiff who alleged breach of contract and conversion. Defendant The Cladgroup was incorporated for the purpose of owning and managing the Bridge Lounge. The agreement with the plaintiff was that she would receive no salary but that her mortgage would be paid off by the defendants. Plaintiff was the Cladgroup’s business manager and corporate secretary. Plaintiff also alleged to have owned 49% of the stock in The Cladgroup. Plaintiff contended that the defendant Bill Cladakis removed the plaintiff from The Cladgroup by allegedly filing fraudulent Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. However, at an annual meeting of the stockholders of the Cladgroup on May 15, 2007, the stockholders voted to remove plaintiff as a Secretary of the corporation. This was done in a lawful manner in agreement with other stockholders. Later, however, without a meeting, an appropriate vote or authorization of the directors or stockholders the plaintiff fraudulently filed Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation adding herself as secretary in place of Harriet Cladakis. As to the claim of conversion a motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s complaint was filed with the court and the hearing on that motion is set for the end of March, 2009.

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