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Debra Joan Cheatham Reece

About Debra Reece

About me

I love the law.  It's that simple.  It's all I ever wanted to do.  I worked hard all my life, raised two sons as a single mom after divorcing when they were young, and watched while people I knew and loved got screwed by the system.  I became a lawyer to try to help people in that system.  My practice is state-wide, although I love Pope County and moved back here to be close to my dad and brother.  Criminal law is the main focus of my practice, because I consistently see people who are either completely innocent of their charges, or who are overcharged (charged with something more than what they actually did), and I want to help them.  I am tired of police officers who treat the Constitution as though it's merely a suggestion, prosecutors who are willing to bring cases when even they don't really believe the defendant is guilty of the crime, and judges who turn a blind eye to justice. 


I believe the criminal defense lawyer is the last bastion against a police state run by corrupt government officials, and the only way the criminal defense system works is if the defendant is represented by excellent counsel who holds the State to its burden of proof, and makes all required motions, evidentiary objections, etc. 


In my leisure time, I enjoy writing, playing guitar and writing music, taking care of my many dogs, visiting with my children and grandchildren, and spending time with friends and family.