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Frank H. Bailey

Frank Bailey’s Legal Guides

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  • How an Insurance Company Values Your Case

    What the adjustor wants. Adjustors do not pay your claim with their money. They pay your claim with the company's money. So why don't adjustors just pay whatever you ask for? The reason is simple.

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  • How To Purchase Auto Insurance

    HOW MUCH LIABILITY COVERAGE SHOULD YOU HAVE Most states require a minimun dollar amount for auto liability policies. In Arkansas that amount is currently $25,000.00 per person. With rising healthca

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  • How to Choose an Attorney

    WHERE TO LOOK FOR AN ATTORNEY Not all cases justify going to a big city to hire an attorney. Often, the best attorney for your case is right there in the county where you live. This is especially

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  • How To Determine If You Have A Case

    Here are the factors. First, look at liability. Did the potential defendant violate any safety rules? Second, look at harms. Is there significant harm? Finally, look at causation. Did the violatio

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  • How to Obtain Your Medical Records

    Determine the Names and Addresses of All Medical Providers Often if you have been hospitalized, multiple medical care providers will have provided service. These providers will have a separate file

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