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Bruce L. Mulkey

About Bruce Mulkey

About me

    I was born and raised in Arkansas; as a matter of fact all over Arkansas... Risen, Camden, Lake Village, Pine Bluff, Stuttgart and Little Rock.  United Methodist minister's kids know how that is; every so often you just up and move.
     While attending college, I worked in a wood-working shop and after college I was a carpenter for several years in northern California and Indiana. I think that I can probably still build a house from start to finish. Civil cases are a lot like houses; cases are only as strong as their foundation and you must never cut corners.
     I married the love of my life in 1984 and we have been blessed with five wonderful and talented children.  It is my love of family that motivates me to dedicate my career to taking on cases that ultimately leave my community and state safer for all families.
     Some of the cases that I am most proud of have directly resulted in changes that have and will save lives.  After a railroad crossing case early in my career, a local railroad company installed crossing guards at a dangerous crossing. My dram shop (illegal sale of alcohol) cases have caused liquor stores and bars throughout the state to establish strict procedures for checking IDs, preventing sales to minors and refusing to sell to intoxicated patrons.  And, on more than one occasion, I have exposed seriously negligent health care providers and/or hospitals and I believe those cases make us all safer. 
     My hope is that throughout my career I will continue to build strong cases that make a difference and keep our communities safe.