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Thomas Smith’s reviews

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  • Not in the best interest of client

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Tom when I was in desperate need of some one not only to stand by me but fight for me. It was the most important case of my life. My children and I depended on him to fight for our future as a family. Not only was this actually in the best interest of everyone involved but it was his job that I had paid him for in advance. But neither seemed to matter much to him. Not moral nor professional responsibility concerned him, I learned far too late. As he kept reassuring me that he would preform according to my request, I reluctantly trusted him because I was other wise completely alone and this was my first time dealing with legal system. I trusted him only reluctantly because A) I wanted him to bring to light some important issues that I felt strongly about yet, he listened to most of what I was trying to tell him with a look of annoyance and dismissal. B) Tom Smith had not an ounce of compassion or understanding towards how serious and devastating this was for me. C) when I made a mistake that was quite human and hardly devastating to my case, I told Tom about it. He was inappropriately angry as if it was personal. He reacted by picking up his huge law book which lay in front of him and literally went to strike me over the head with it, barely stopping short. D) I got a strange feeling when I would mention my rights or the constitution and he would shut me down really fast by telling me that "better not mention the constitution in this courtroom." And by reprimanding me as if I were a child for putting in a request for the freedom of information act. Saying "it'll only make things bad for me."
    Later I learned that I was on the right track all along. If we had fought using my method I would've been better off if only just because, at the very least my side would've been heard. Mr. Smith completely refused to speak on my behalf in front of the judge like I had counted on him to do. Although I reminded him in court that day. First, by whispering, then by writing it down and placing it in front of him and last, as my frustration grew, by elbowing him and giving him a swift kick to the shin as the judge ruled not in my favor, and I saw the most important thing in my life slip away. He was lucky because he deserved far worse than a controlled tantrum. All because of my decision made out of desperation and an attorney's unknown motive my life has been ruined beyond redemption. I fight still, 4 years later and will not give up until I have my children safe with me. But the time that goes by is time forever lost.

  • The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathan

    After dealing with Tom I concider him a personal friend. That is how he treated me and that is how I will always treat him. I believe that Tom is the best attorney in his field.