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Shane Mitchell Wilkinson

About Shane Wilkinson

About me

First and foremost, Mr. Wilkinson is an experienced and successful trial  lawyer. Mr. Wilkinson is the former Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Benton County, Arkansas. He was promoted to Chief Deputy after serving as the Senior Trial Attorney for the Benton County, Arkansas office for a number of years. His entire career has been focused solely on criminal law. Mr. Wilkinson handles only criminal cases. He does not handle divorces, custody, or civil litigation. He has handled every kind of criminal case imaginable ranging from misdemeanors to Capital Murder cases. This includes DWI's aggravated robberies, kidnappings, thefts, all types of drug cases big and small, and all types of murder cases. He has not only handled all types of cases, but has have successfully tried numerous cases to juries. He has real courtroom and jury trial experience. He has also given numerous statewide and national presentations to hundreds of lawyers on how to handle various aspects of criminal cases.