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  • Dropped the ball on a Medicaid nursing home case

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    Anonymous review posted on

    My initial review of Mr. Heike was rejected three years ago. Perhaps it was too inflammatory or defamatory.

    In any event, I find it ironic, and sad, that some of the same issues we experienced with Mr. Heike--unresponsive, uncaring, of literally no help at all--were also raised by the veteran below.

    We asked for his help because he hailed himself as an expert in such matters. Our father's rather complicated case could not be solved by merely filing an application with the SSA for Medicaid coverage of his nursing home stay.

    Four months later, however, that's exactly what we got. Mr. Heike had his secretary print out and hand us a blank Medicare application at the absolute 11th hour. We literally had to drive 40 miles to the nearest SSA office to avoid missing the next-day deadline.

    We were charged $2,500 for this "service"; another $1,000 in attorney's fees when we protested the charges.

    Avoid at all costs, and if you have access, also check him out with the Eastern District Court (Tyler TX).

  • Horrible Veteran's Representation

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    Posted by Dennis

    I hired John Heike to represent me in a case with the Dep't of Veterans' Affairs when he was in his Tyler, TX office. He has since moved to a larger law firm in Ft. Worth.

    Originally, he seemed okay, but the deeper involved the case became, the less responsive Mr Heike was to my occasional phone calls or emails. I went so far as to send emails and leave voice mails for a few of his law partners... in attempts to get Mr Heike to respond to me. Ultimately, after reaching such a level of frustration with him, I filed a complaint with the TX Attorney General's Office. They finally contacted him, and informed him that he needed to contact me. I had spent almost FOUR MONTHS trying to get Mr Heike to respond to emails and phone calls. More often than not, when attempting to leave him a voice mail, his mailbox would be "full", so I couldn't even leave a message. In speaking to other Veterans in the area, as well as Veteran Representatives, I have been told the Mr Heike has done this very same thing with many other Veterans who were seeking assistance as well.

    Long story short... Mr Heike simply "dropped the ball" on my case. He never bothered to even contaact me about it. I would NEVER hire this man to represent me for any reason in the future.