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Timothy F. Snively

Timothy Snively’s Answers

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  • We ask our employees to get a credit card with every new client. If they don't and the client doesn't show - can we charge them

    1/2 of the service cost.

    Timothy’s Answer

    I agree with Scott we need more information to give an answer. If you are wanting to charge a client for services not rendered- that may be bad if the client has not been given notice that they could be charged if they don’t show. If you are wanting to charge your employee for making the mistake you also might be opening yourself up for legal issues.

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  • Can my 15 year old decide who he wants to live with?

    My ex wife currently has custody of our 15, 17 and 18 year old sons. My 15 year old, wants to live with me. His mother called me last night to come get him because he was fighting with his 17 yr old brother. My son claims that his mother is alw...

    Timothy’s Answer

    To make the change in custody you will need to file a Motion for Change of Custody. In Arkansas the child never gets to make the decision as to what parent they live with. However your son is old enough to testify to the Judge that he wants to live with you. The law requires the Judge to take the child’s request into consideration when making his decision. The standard for the Judge in making a custody determination is what is “in the best interest of the child.”

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