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Ginger McDonald’s reviews

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  • Horrible! DO NOT HIRE!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Honestly, I wouldn't give her a single star because she doesn't deserve it. Ms Ginger J McDonald doesn't keep in contact with her clients, there were several occasions I called and couldn't even leave a message because her office phone's voice mail was full. When I tried calling her cell phone I would never get an answer and could not leave a voice message because she does not have a voice mailbox that has been set up. She is hardly ever in her office when I do get through to someone on the phone or just show up at her office by surprise. She won't keep me informed about anything going on with my case, and keeps dragging her feet on absolutely everything. She has not filed a single subpoena or court order, she has not even made phone calls to have information faxed or emailed to her. I have been doing all the leg work, getting all the evidence needed for my case. On instances that I needed her to accompany me to a DHS meeting she said that I never told her when I know for a fact she did, and on another occasion I had a meeting scheduled and called her about it, then she said she couldn't make it that day, so I said when would be a good day for her, that I would have it rescheduled. Once she gave me a few days that would work for her I called and rescheduled the appointment and then called her back to notify her. The day before the meeting was to take place, I called her to make sure she would still be coming and she said yes, but the following morning when my mother called to make sure she was coming, Ginger said that I had never mentioned it to her, when my mother knew for a fact that I had on several occasions because she had been sitting next to me on the occasions that I had made the phone calls. She puts forth as little effort as possible. If you want a lawyer to take your case seriously, don't hire Mrs Ginger McDonald.

  • YUCK!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Please don't. You will be so disappointed....... My first experiance with the courts and she was awful.