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Quincy Walter McKinney

Quincy McKinney’s Legal Guides

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  • Arkansas child support

    Child support in Arkansas is usually determined based on a standard chart used in Arkansas courts, created by the Arkansas Supreme Court and placed in what is called Administrative Order number 10. The chart is broken down by pay intervals.

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  • Division of Property in an Arkansas Divorce

    In Arkansas marital property is divided equitably. Equitably does not necessarily mean exactly even. If there are four chairs it may not be that you get 2 and your spouse gets 2. It may be that you get the chairs and your spouse gets something of approximate equal value. This als...

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  • I Have Just Been Served with Divorce Papers What Should I Do?

    See an Attorney immediately! If your spouse has taken the steps to hire an attorney and have you served with divorce papers they are very serious about getting a divorce and you need to make sure you

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