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Marvin Leibovich Jr.

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  • DWI Drugs, Marijuana---NOT Guilty

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katie

    Chip (Marvin) and his staff were very professional. He kept our expectations realistic as he explained the process to us--we have never had any court involvement before, so we had many basic questions that he and his staff handled in a courteous manner without making us feel stupid. The only time we have used an attorney is when we had our wills written--quite a different setting! We were fully prepared for a guilty verdict and an appeal to circuit court where the law would actually be a consideration in the case. This particular court is known for being beyond conservative. Chip was well prepared and it showed. Chip's cross examination of the officer was right on the mark, and the officer made a fool out of himself on the stand. Although the case had plenty of merit--the arresting officer's report had glaring contradictions and errors compared to the dash cam video of the arrest--the judge still seemed hungry for a guilty verdict on my 17 y/o son who has no priors--not even a traffic ticket! The prosecution had to admit the state crime lab spilled the urine sample and could not provide evidence of THC, so the judge grudgingly dismissed the charge, even though it is a scientific fact that THC can be found in urine even if someone is not under the influence of marijuana at the time of the traffic stop.The judge made it clear that if he had a urine sample positive for THC, he would have delivered a guilty verdict. So the court's reputation was upheld, my son won his case due to the state crime lab's ineptness, and I am fully convinced that if a jury had been allowed to see Chip in action, he would have still received a not guilty verdict. After the case concluded, I observed an attorney, visibly impressed with Chip's performance, asking Chip for information on some of the materials Chip referenced during the cross examination of the police officer. Did my son break the law by smoking marijuana? Yes, but that was not the charge. It was obvious after viewing the video and hearing the officer's testimony under Chip's cross examination that my son was not an impaired driver at the time of the stop. I would also like to add that my son researched and hired Chip on his own. He interviewed several attorneys from different firms and was not taken seriously by some he encountered. The law firm of Bennett and Williams where Chip is employed appeared in my son's research as the top law firm for DWI cases in our state. Even though he is 17, he was treated professionally by their staff and taken seriously. My son has taken full responsibility for his actions. He has a job and has paid all of his fees himself, and he is participating in counseling. I highly recommend Chip Leibovich not only because he prepares well and is highly knowledgable, but because he is personable and courteous.