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Bryan Russell Huffman

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  • My privacy and security has been violated by local police I feel like I'm crazy and paranoid now, can I sue?

    local police conducted Warrantless aerial surveillance then accidentally gave me the footage. Two jump drives full of them following us, and watching us for days all hours. When I received the storage devices I thought they were my boyfriends tha...

    Bryan’s Answer

    The police did not violate your privacy since it appears from your facts that all the surveillance was conducted in public areas. You have no expectation of privacy when you are in public. It's the same as anyone on the street being able to observe you. As far as harassment is concerned, you might make a complaint to the relevant review board in your area. However, the police may conduct investigations into any criminal activity they suspect within the bounds of the law. Regarding filing a lawsuit, it is probably not worth pursuing. However I always recommend seeking legal counsel for a full evaluation of your facts and circumstances which is beyond the scope of this forum.

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