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S. Christie Smith IV

About S. Smith

About me

S. Christie Smith IV is the Senior Partner of SmithBush, LLP, a regional Louisiana law firm originally established in 1911 to represent laborers--and too often their widows and children--who were harmed by the burgeoning and unregulated timber industry in the rural South.  Mr. Smith's work today is the modern extension of that practice.  As a consumer advocate and lawyer-in-the-trenches, he has spent his career representing regular people in the fight for safer working conditions, reliable products, civil rights, and fair access to the courts.


His practice focuses on litigating wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases resulting from defective products and drugs, automobile collisions, motorcycle accidents, industrial incidents, and Federal Tort Claims liability.  On occasion, he defends individuals in the most serious types of criminal charges or in cases where their Constitutional rights have been intentionally or systemically abridged.  One of only a few lawyers dually board-certified in both Civil and Criminal Trials by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification, he is widely-published and frequently lectures on emerging issues in trial law and technique.

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