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Keith Friley

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Are you on the brink of a divorce and wondering where you can turn to procure the help you need at this time? You have come to the right place, because at Keith Friley, Attorney at Law, a Baton Rouge divorce lawyer is competent, compassionate, and committed to fighting for you and the resolution that is in your best interests. Attorney Keith Friley has nearly 30 years of experience helping people who are going through a divorce, and he is prepared to come to your support today. He understands the emotional hardships divorce has on a person, and he wants to assist you through this time as seamlessly and swiftly as possible. Attorney Friley is dedicated to fighting for you and the resolution that is most workable and suitable for you, and you can rest assured that when you come to this firm, your case can receive the care and attention it requires. He has dealt with all kinds of family law issues, from alimony disagreements to issues pertaining to parental relocation. Moreover, if children are involved in the situation, it is of the utmost importance that you take the necessary time in formulating the parenting plan that works for you. You may have questions about your options in regards to child custody matters, in which case you should not hesitate to ask Attorney Friley to inform you. He can walk you through legal custody, physical custody, explaining to you what is involved in those matters. He can also inform you of visitation laws and guidelines so that you are not caught off guard by your circumstances later on in life. Are you interested in pursuing mediation? Attorney Friley offers that service, as well, and has experience with both contested and uncontested divorce. For more information, contact this law firm today.