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Franz Nicholas Borghardt

Franz Borghardt’s Legal Guides

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  • Social Networking Sites: Anything You Say or Do Can Be Held against You!

    Public means public We live in an age where social networking sites allow us to inform large groups of friends, acquaintances, and family members information at the speed of a click of a button. It i

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  • Communicating with Victims of Crimes: The Minefield of Victim Communications.

    Communicating with victims over email, social networking and/or telephone Never communicate with a victim of a crime that you are under investigation of or have been formally charged with electronica

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  • TWIC Cards and the effect of crimes

    What is a TWIC Card TWIC is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels, and all mariners holding Coast G

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