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Vincent Benedict LoCoco

Vincent LoCoco’s Legal Guides

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  • Retirement Accounts and Estate Planning

    For many Americans, retirement accounts comprise a substantial portion of their wealth. When planning your estate, it is important to consider the ramifications of tax-deferred retirement accounts, such as 401(k) and 403(b) accounts and traditional IRAs. (Roth IRAs are not tax-de...

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  • What is the role and duties of an executor of an estate?

    Learn what responsibilities you will have if you are named as the executor of an estate.

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  • The Importance of Estate Planning when you have Minor Children

    If you have minor children, you must have a will. I usually began my talks at seminars with this strong, unequivocal statement. Why do I say that? Simply put, in their will, parents are provided the only opportunity available to them to appoint a Tutor, the person that they perso...

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  • What are the Differences Bewteen a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will? Do I Need Both?

    Many people are confused by these two important estate planning documents. It is important to understand the functions of each and ensure that you are fully protected by incorporating both of these documents into your overall estate plan. LIVING WILL A living will, often called...

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  • Donating your Home to your Kids? Not so Fast.

    I am often asked by my (shall we say seasoned) clients about the wisdom of donating the family home to their children now. Usually, some family friend or one of the children has told the parents that this is a must and that they really should look into doing it as it will make th...

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  • Living Will and the Catholic Faith

    The choices one is required to make with regard to a living will (advance medical directive) sometimes seems in conflict with Catholic teachings. A person has to grapple with this decision when they are considering executing a living will. The Church does allow us to accept a na...

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  • Hurricane Planning

    Hurricane Planning by Vincent B. "Chip" LoCoco As Tropical Storm Lee makes landfall, it does provide a moment for the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas to think about their storm preparations and how those preprations relate to estate planning. Of course, ...

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  • The Importance of Estate Planning

    I have received numerous phone calls over the last year from people with a loved one in a nursing home. The reason for the call is that the resident can no longer pay their bills or access their funds because of their condition. But, at this point, it is normally too late. The lo...

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  • The Louisiana State Inheritance Tax

    With the changes to the Federal Estate tax which took effect this year, I have been asked by numerous clients if the Louisiana Inheritance Tax laws were changed in any way. Happily, I can report they were not. The law in Louisiana remains that for all deaths that occur after June...

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