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Jeffrey A. Mitchell

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  • I would NOT recommend this firm to anyone....

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I contacted this firm on a case where my doctor admitted wrongdoing, and also offered to pay the medical bill.. they told me to keep waiting to see if I had a case after having 4 emergency surgeries since the 1st one. and possibly will have to have another ..all in a 6 week time frame.. their firm is extremely rude and not compassionate about anything, I was so extremely disappointed.. I was almost certain I found a top of the line attorney, don't believe everything you read.. I would not recommend them to anyone...

    Jeffrey A. Mitchell’s response: “I apologize to this potential client, who's case we did not undertake. All potential cases are reviewed by an expert physician for merit. Although bad outcomes frequently occur, it does not automatically mean that a provable case of medical malpractice occurred. In Louisiana, the legislature enacted a very pro-healthcare provider law that makes successfully pursuing these cases extraordinarily difficult and expensive. Without expert testimony that malpractice occurred, the court will throw out the case and make the patient or their family pay the costs of the defense. This would put the client in a worse position than refusing the case because we cannot prove it with medical testimony. Just because a doctor apologizes for his actions does not prove his malpractice under our difficult law. I have several cases where the doctor has made statements to the patient and then later denies those statements and fight the case to trial. Our law requires physician expert sworn testimony to prove the case. Additionally, even if we can prove that malpractice occurred, testifying experts can cost $50,000 -$100,000 in a single case. Thus, even if a client has a provable case of malpractice, but the damages are not permanent, ongoing and very serious, any potential recovery will be diminished by the costs of the expert and attorney's fees. Although there are lawyers who will take cases where the experts and their firms get paid, and the client receives very little, my firm will not do that and we are upfront and honest about that from the beginning. Sometimes, our laws frustrate potential clients. They certainly frustrate me and I have extreme compassion for those people that cannot successfully bring a medical malpractice case when an injustice occurs. However, If we do not have a chance at proving the case with medical experts as the law requires, I do not want to risk placing the client in a worse position. Although I did not have the pleasure of personally speaking to this potential client, I am am sorry she was frustrated that my firm could not help her under the circumstances. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every potential case that comes to the firm because of the harsh laws and risks to the potential client. We have to carefully screen the cases for merit and damages to have the best chance at achieving justice for our clients.”
  • Jeffrey Mitchell gives lawyers a good name

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marilyn

    Mr. Mitchell (Jeffrey) is still representing me in this case. It has been ongoing for almost seven years. Jeffrey began my representation in 2003. For various reasons, other attorneys within his firm represented me. About a year ago, the attorney assigned to me had to resign. I was quite upset, but Jeffrey was kind enough to take my case, and to reassure me. Putting my fears to rest, he has proceeded with gusto to get the case settled. He has always kept me informed. He has shown tremendous knowledge of the law, as well as the medical aspects of the suit. When I had to give my deposition in front of three attorneys, representing three different doctors, he educated me thoroughly, allowing me to relax and show my belief in myself and my suit. Beyond any doubt, it was because of Jeffrey that I was able to answer questions confidently, while revealing my integrity to those other lawyers. He has supported me in every possible manner. I feel my suit will finally be settled this year because Mr. Mitchell is going to do what needs to be done to get it settled without further delays. The qualities I most admire in Mr. Mitchell is his body of kowledge and his professionalism. His depositions are truly works of art. He is always sure I understand what is happening and what needs to be done next. He makes time for me when I have a question, or when I need clarification on anything. He never puts me off; he demonstrates that not only is my case important to him, but that I definitely matter to him. There is no higher compliment I could give him than this: Jeffrey Mitchell gives lawyers a good name. He is an intelligent man, a "legal artist" with an amazing ability, and he presents these qualities to his clients, while showing a kindness that touches one's heart.

    Jeffrey A. Mitchell’s response: “Marilyn's case did settle shortly after she posted this unsolicited review for a large sum of money. We have continued to stay in touch and I check on her to see how she is doing. We both share a love for LSU baseball. it was my honor and privilege to represent her and achieve justice on her behalf.”