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Vanessa J. Gorden

Vanessa Gorden’s Legal Guides

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  • Before You Leave Your Spouse

    Below are some top items to consider prior to leaving your spouse. It is best to take care of the below items in a calm, rational manner to ensure you are in the best position when the legal action begins and when it ends. Remember, you (and your spouse) are the ones who must live with the outcome!

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  • Nebraska's Parenting Act, Simplified

    If you are involved in a case that involves your minor children (dissolution or paternity with custody or parenting time), you need to have an understanding of the Nebraska Parenting Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. 43-2920, et seq. This guide gives you just the basics of what to expect.

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  • Documentary Evidence Your Divorce Attorney Needs To See ASAP

    In order to best advise you, your divorce attorney needs to have a full picture of your financial situation and your spouse's financial situation. The sooner you give this information to your attorney, the better! Do not rely on your spouse to provide these documents later.

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