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Cody G. Claassen

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  • I was involved in a motorcycle accident. My insurance had lapsed. The lawyer i had has dropped me and I have been served papers.

    I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was traveling down a two lane road and a jeep was traveling towards me. The jeep made a left turn in front of me into a neighborhood and I hit them on the front passenger side. The accident caused me mult...

    Cody’s Answer

    If you were served papers, you may have been served with a lawsuit. If there was motorcycle insurance on the motorcycle at the time of the accient you need to contact your insurance carrier and let them know about the lawsuit so they can defend you against the lawsuit. In Kansas you have 21 days to file an answer to lawsuit or the other side can motion the court for a default judgment against you.

    Based upon the facts, it appears you may have a case against the other vehcile for failing to yield the right of way to you. You should contact a personal injury lawyer in Kansas to review the case with you.

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