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Jason Paul Roth

Jason Roth’s Answers

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  • I have had a collection agency call want a payment of 100.00 of a 356.00 bill. right now i can only pay 50.00 they wont take it

    can they do that?

    Jason’s Answer

    The debt collector is not required to take less than the amount owed. Generally they will work with you. If you make payment to any collection company make sure the payment is fully documented (money order or check). If you feel like you are being harassed by a debt collector, I suggest calling a consumer protection attorney immediately.

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  • Will my child's father be able to get a settlement off the trucking company?

    He was in a car accident a 18 wheeler hit him from behind but he has no drivers license and 2 DUI's on his records.

    Jason’s Answer

    You should contact a personal injury lawyer with experience handling trucking cases immediately. Although the specific facts of the accident and the law in your jurisdiction will control, it doesn't seem like the lack of a driver's license and the prior DUI's have anything to do with the accident.

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  • Settlement Offer

    My attorney received the settlement offer after car accident I told her that I will think about it. Can attorney without my signature accept the offer? How much time do I have to think? How does it work???

    Jason’s Answer

    Your attorney certainly should NOT accept any offer without your prior approval. This is your claim or case, and you are the ultimate decision maker. As for how much time, it depends on whether the offer contained a "time limit." You should discuss the offer and whether there is any time limitation with your lawyer.

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