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Charles D Lee

About Charles Lee

About me

I work as General Counsel for National Crop Insurance Services. 

National Crop Insurance Services is an international not-for-profit organization representing the 17 crop insurance companies that sell multi-peril crop insurance, as well as others that write private crop-hail insurance only. NCIS members write Crop-Hail Insurance; Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI), the federally-supported risk management program; and privately developed crop insurance products, totaling more than $12 billion in premiums, with insured value of nearly $150 billion in 2012.

On behalf of its members, NCIS collects and manages data and information, conducts research and analysis, serves as a licensed statistical agency for the Crop-Hail program and conducts extensive educational activities on claims adjustment, ethics, policies and procedures.

NCIS members range in size from one-state companies to national writers, as well as international company members. The companies service all farmers participating in the federal program, including limited-resource and socially disadvantaged farmers. In partnership with the government, these private companies deliver the safety net that equitably provides effective risk management tools to the American farmer.