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Matthew Edward Osman

About Matthew Osman

About me

Matthew Osman is an employment lawyer handling wage and hour, discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment claims.  His firm, Osman & Smay LLP, focuses its practice on recovering unpaid overtime and minimum wages in class and collective actions.  


“Were you paid properly for the hours you worked according to state and federal laws?” – this is the core question Matt helps his clients answer. 

Matt and fellow employment attorney Stephen L. Smay launched OSMAN & SMAY LLP in 2010. The Kansas City-based firm works to ensure that employees are properly compensated according to state and federal employment laws, especially the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Matt Osman represents clients in Kansas and Missouri, litigating both individual overtime cases and collective/class actions seeking to recover unpaid overtime and minimum wages. Stephen Smay represents clients in Michigan, New York and the District of Columbia. This fast-growing Kansas City firm has quickly established a national reputation for expert consultation in this complex area of the law.