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N. Trey Pettlon III

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  • I had a prescription of Oxycodone 5mg from Aug 13 2014, took a UA this morning, can I use that if it comes back positive

    I had 6 left i took this past saturday and had a urinalysis for probabtion this morning. I discared the bottle but can get my prescription records from the hospital at Ft. Riley, would this save me or get me my first violation????????????

    N.’s Answer

    If you were prescribed this pain killer to use "as needed" and you are still experiencing the symptoms from your injury, I would say you have a valid prescription and this is not likely a violation of your probation. You should review your probation order which likely requires that you not ingest any illegal drugs or any drugs that are not lawfully prescribed. You obviously need to get the record of your prescription and it might help to get your medical records related to the need for your prescription as well.

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