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Timothy W. Monsees

Timothy Monsees’s Answers

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  • Do I have a claim for medical malpractice or wrongful death?

    My mom was admitted to the ICU of a local hospital. She was there for 14 days. She was septic with a kidney infection when admitted. While there the techs that repositioned her pulled out the stint that was draining the infection from her kidney....

    Timothy’s Answer

    I have a law office in Springfield, Missouri and our main office is in Kansas City, so we are close to your area and ready to sit and talk to you about this in greater detail. Your account here is a good starting point on evaluating whether you and your family are victims of the wrongful death of your mother, but we can only truly evaluate your question with an examination of the medical records and upon talking in greater detail to you and your family. We do not charge for that consultation. Our office number in Springfield is 417-866-8688. Talk to Christy there, and she will get me involved.

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  • My 19 month old daughter was killed my a car backing out of my drive way what claim can i file

    My 19 month old daughter was playing outside as my mother n law was backing out of driveway not see her hit and killed her what claim can i file for help with coast

    Timothy’s Answer

    Wrongful death claims against family members are always the most emotional and tragic. While ultimately any claim is going to be handled by your mother-in-law's insurance company, the claim has to be brought against your mother-in-law. These can certainly begin by trying to work something out with the insurance company directly, and that may mean you look at the settlement prospects differently because no one wants to file a lawsuit against a family member, who undoubtedly is also deeply affected by your tragedy. You always remain in control of what direction the case or claim takes. Because wrongful death claims are created by statute (the written laws passed by the legislature), certain procedures need to be followed and the damages that can be recovered are dictated by the statute. So, it is always best to consult with an attorney.

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