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John R. Osgood

John Osgood’s Legal Guides

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  • Internet Fraud and Ponzi Schemes

    Because I have received and continue to receive a large number of unsolicited messages at my email address offering to explain to me for a few dollars how I can get rich, I have elected to provide the following information for those who might have a hankering to bite on such nons...

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  • Bail and Pretrial Release

    In federal cases the rule of thumb is you either are detained without bond period, or you are released on a signature bond (your own signature and perhaps that of a family member sometimes pledging assets such as real property). It is an extremely rare exception indeed where an ...

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  • Computer Crimes and Offenses

    Computer knowledge and skill: Superior trial skills and outstanding legal knowledge alone are not sufficient to mount an effective and serious defense to allegations of computer misuse, abuse, fraud or unauthorized access. This is true also when defending a white collar or gene...

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