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Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs

About Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs

About me

I am married.  My husband has two sons from his prior marriage.  The older son, Ryan, is married and the father of our beautiful 6 year old granddaughter.  Ryan, an Avila graduate, is working at a medical laboratory and hopes to advance his career in medical sciences.


The younger son, Shawn, is a student at Avila University.  Shawn is studying psychology and is working.  He hopes to eventually get a doctorate and work as a counselor or work with a professional sports team helping athletes resolve issuess that affect their performance.


My husband and I are both quite proud of both boys.


My hobby is cooking.  When time permits, I like to attend seminars at the Culinary Center of Kansas City to learn new menu items and new techniques.  The last seminar I attended there was presented by Chef Jasper Mirabile - the executive chef at Jasper's Restaurant in the Watts Mill area here in Kansas City.