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Jason M. Kueser

Jason Kueser’s Answers

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  • I believe my broker is a fraud. he took my money

    he failed to provide documents listing where my money is located. over a year now. and now he tells me cost of shares. are at higher price.

    Jason’s Answer

    I would second the statements made by the other two attorneys. You should contact a securities lawyer immediately. However, there are attorneys who handle different types of securities related matters. You would be best served by contacting a attorney who handles securities arbitration and/or securities litigation as they would likely be experienced in evaluating your case and would also be able assist you in collecting the information necessary to do so. Again, it is very important that you act quickly because failure to act in a prompt manner could result in your claims being barred by statute of limitations.

    You may also want to contact your state securities Commissioner (or similar authority).

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