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Brian Robert Barjenbruch

Brian Barjenbruch’s Legal Guides

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  • Missouri's new expungement law - who is eligible?

    On July 12, 2012, Missouri signed into law a new route to expunging a criminal conviction. Under this new law, if you were convicted of the following misdemeanor crimes for which all incarceration or probation was completed more than ten years ago: Passing a bad check; Fraudule...

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  • I was just fired or demoted for filing a worker’s compensation claim

    Recovering from an on the job injury is a trying time. On occasion, an employee will find that his or her employer is unaccommodating to the time an employee needs to heal and return to work. On other occasions, an employee finds out his or her employer does not have workers comp...

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  • I just got fired, and I think I may have a claim against my former employer.

    In trying economic times, many people who thought that their job was safe have found themselves on the unemployment rolls. Some of those people were terminated improperly, and may have a claim against their former employer. As a general rule, employees in Missouri are employe...

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  • I agreed not to compete with my employer, can my employer really stop me from working if I leave?

    When you start a new job, your new employer may hand you dozens of pages of documents to review and sign. After you had the chance to read those documents, you may have discovered that you agreed to not compete with your new employer, even after you leave your current job. Emp...

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