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Lawrence E. Wines

Lawrence Wines’s Legal Guides

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  • Defending a Breath Test

    Breath testing has been around from the 1930(s) and many of the standards are based upon 1950(s) understanding. Every breath testing machine is different and each manufacturers product has pros and cons. This guide will deal with issues common to all breath testing devises.

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  • Attacking a Blood Draw DUI Case

    There are several key steps in attacking a blood draw DUI case. Do not be intimidated and make sure your attorney knows what they are doing. Consulting an expert is always adviseable in these types of cases. History Before Blood Draw First you need to know about your client inc...

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  • Performing a Thorough DUI/DWI investigation

    If an attorney is serious about being a DUI/DWI attorney they need to perform thorough investigation of a case. This usually starts with the client:the background of the week, day and hours before the arrest, inquire about the vehicle, route, road conditions, details about the stop through release.

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