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Lawrence E. Wines

About Lawrence Wines

About me

I must credit my parents for any level of success I enjoy. I grew up in a very positive environment where I encouraged to excel and valued education.


My father was career military serving our country in two different branches of service from 1942 until his retirement. He was a warrior, an Army Ranger & Green Beret and was decorated for valor. He bestowed to me the heart of a a warrior.


My mother was a accomplished microbiologist and was one of the top scientist in her field. She to served our country in her work with the bacterial warfare division post WWII. She advised the Center for Disease Control, FBI Crime Lab, St. Louis City and Couty Medical Examiner, George Gantner (who see taught in Medical school at St. Louis University. She installed in me a thirst for knowledge and a strong base in science.


I had a great opportunity to work side by side with her at three different laboratories and assist her a lab auditor for College of American Pathologist. After almost ten years of working in a lab and studing science at University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), I was recognized and a University Scholar (top 5 %) and was on the Dean's List.


I followed in my mother's footsteps while at UMSL is my activities in numerous organizations including being twice elected Student Body President. Later in served UMSL as Alumni President and as a member of the Alumni Alliance since 1986.


Even though science was my first love, I caught a political bug and went to law school instead of medical school. During law scholl I continued to work at the lab on a limited basis. I also keep busy in law school as a legal assistant to the environmental law professor, staff of the Public Law Review, clerk for Jurist in Residence, Hon. Myron K. Bright, Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge. I served the students in the Student Bar Association and advocated for law school improvement.


Upon graduation from law school, I joined the staff of Congressman Richard A. Gephardt serving in St. Louis and Washington D.C. I was on the national compaign staff when Gephardt ran for President of the United States in 1988.


In 1989 I went started my carrer in law with a practice focused on criminal defense. In 2001 my practice became more focused on DWI defense. It gave me a chance to use both my legal and science skills.


In 1994 my mother retired and we formed Scientific Consulting Services, Inc. In the early years 1994-1998 the company's focus was in microbiology (food and personal products industry), consulting in starting, auditing and improving clinical and forensic lab procedures, design, quality control and safety.


In 1998 my mother passed away and the focus of our company focus was exclusively on the forensic science consulting including DUI/DWI issues. I have testified as an expert witness for prosecutor's, judges and defense attorneys. Often I have been asked if I have a bias for the defence and I respond from the heart "science does not takes sides".


I have authored over 25 publications in the area of forensic science, DUI/DWI, DWI-Drugs, Drug Recognition Experts, DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, police procedures, DUI/DWI laws, forensic and crime labs,


Since my practiced is focused 90 % in DUI/DWI law coupled with my forensic science background have mixed well and have given me skills sperior to other lawyers representing people on DUI/DWI (s). The criminal cases I work on are usually DUI/DWI related lke vehicular injury and vehiclular death cases (manslaughter/Murder).


My warrior spirit, scientific mind and legal skills helped me develop a practice where I get top gun results for many of my clients. I ahve always been a rebel in school and my activities in science and law. I get up each day and fight the for freedom, fairness in the legal arena and reforming forensic science.