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John M. Eccher

About John Eccher

About me

 -- Seeking Justice for Criminal Defendants and Injury Victims -- 

"If  you've  been charged with a serious crime, including DWI, and are okay hiring a cheap lawyer to walk into court, get a recommendation from the prosecutor, and plead you guilty - without conducting a thorough investigation, without aggressively defending your rights and protecting your interests, and without giving you the option of your day in court to force a prosecutor to prove the case against you, to have a chance to protect your criminal record, freedom, and life - then I'm NOT the criminal defense attorney for you. 


If you're the victim of an automobile accident or other personal injury caused by some irresponsible or malicious person or entity, and you're fine hiring a lawyer whose only intention is to negotiate a quick settlement - even when this means accepting pennies on the dollar and preventing you from receiving fair compensation for your harms - then again, I'm NOT the attorney for you.


I'm a trial attorney, as is each of my fellow attorneys at the award-winning law firm of Hollingshead, Paulus & Eccher.  What this means is that my clients are not forced to plead guilty to a crime, or to accept a low-ball settlement offer for their injuries, because of my reluctance or fear of having to represent them at trial in front of a jury of their peers.  I am ready, willing, and able to handle every aspect of a case - from start to finish - even if this means taking it to trial in order to demand justice for my clients.  Based on my experience, I believe that this willingness and ability to competently and skillfully try cases also results in better recommendations (in criminal cases) and settlement offers (in civil cases).


If you're facing a criminal charge or have been injured by someone else - or know a friend or family member dealing with either of these - I welcome you to call or email me or my firm for a free case review.  We'll fight for you."



The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements. Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case must be judged on its own merits.

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