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Gerald W. Linnenbringer

About Gerald Linnenbringer

About me


I am a St. Louis born-and-raised lawyer with a solo practice in Sunset Hills. I handle a variety of cases, including divorce, other family law matters, criminal defense, and traffic tickets.  In the last four years, I have completed over 600 uncontested divorces, represented many clients facing serious criminal charges, and handled thousands of traffic tickets, as well as many DWIs.



Linnenbringer Law Firm

I began working as a solo practitioner in 2008. I help clients with family law issues, criminal defense, and even traffic tickets.


Over the last few years I have focused on making the uncontested divorce process easier and less expensive for my Missouri-based clients. I get calls and emails all of the time with people requesting information on, and asking questions about, uncontested divorce in Missouri. My website has a Frequently Asked Questions page dedicated to these inquiries and, as you can see, I have now begun writing a blog which allow me to easily and quickly provide updates regarding this area of my practice.


I believe that quality representation starts with communication between myself and my clients. I will take any of my client's - and prospective client's - phone calls and emails on weekends and during evening hours. I treat people correctly and it shows through the reviews from past clients left on this website and others.


Please feel free to call me, e-mail me, or text message me to inquire about whatever legal issue you may be facing.  I am confident I can help you through whatever situation you are presented with.


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