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Peter Russell Van Leunen

About Peter Van Leunen

About me

Peter Van Leunen has experience ranging from matters in the municipal courts of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area to the Federal Court of Appeals, Eastern District of Missouri.  Mr. Van Leunen believes that the best defense is a good offense:  "Why plod through the entire process, if you can circumvent the cost and expense of litigation with a Motion to Dismiss or cut to the quick with a Motion for Summary Judgment?  It saves clients time and money.  That means the world to clients."
Mr. Van Leunen especially enjoys defending the rights of Missouri consumers with regards to bill collections.  Mr. Van Leunen has no patience with bill collectors who abuse you, call you at work after being told to stop or call you at all hours:  "The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows me to go after renegade bill collectors at very little cost to you.  Bill collectors have to follow the FDCPA.  If they fail to follow those rules, then they are liable to you for statutory damages.  I may even be able to get the underlying debt released."
If you are being sued on a credit card debt, The Van Leunen Law Firm, LLC can provide you with a low cost defense:  "People who get sued for credit card debt usually think there is little hope; they need to come to me to get a second opinion, and see how having an attorney to defend them is beneficial."
Mr. Van Leunen enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children, attending opera productions at the Touhill (University of Missouri, St. Louis), strolling the U. City Loop and exploring the St. Louis hip hop scene.

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