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Megan Danielle Holloway

About Megan Holloway

About me

Individuals and families come to my firm for help after a loss has drastically altered their lives. My job is to secure justice for those individuals and families so that they have the means to live with the dignity every human being deserves. Most of the cases my firm handles end in a settlement of some kind. However, a large number of our cases are tried before a jury. We are trial lawyers, and the five lawyers at my firm have tried over 350 jury trials. If securing justice for the folks we represent means taking the case to trial, we will not hesitate.


I have a unique experience in working in this personal injury firm.  I first came to the firm as a client after I was involved in a serious motor vehicle collision.  I trusted the trial attorneys I work with daily to help me secure justice.  I work each day to guarentee that my clients recieve the same help I was given.

Our firm is responsible for the longest civil jury trial in the history of the State of Missouri. Our five lawyers have the combined experience of 350 jury trials. All appeals are handled in-house, and we have taken more than 60 cases to Missouri Courts of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. We have changed the law five times for the benefit of the citizens of Missouri.