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James Russell Brown

About James Brown

About me

James is a family man with a passion for adventure. He and his wife, Sherrie, love to find new places and having new experiences. He has been on a bobsled run, learned how to fly a plane, zip lined through the rain forest, attended a Hollywood premier, was part of America's Cup sailboat crew, got to meet Nickelback backstage and even driven a NASCAR race car. Most recently, he has developed a passion for riding motorcycles with the purchase of his new bike. He and Sherrie love to share those experiences with their three children, Ryan, Tyler, and Devyn.


Their favorite spot to spend time together has easily become Walt Disney World, which James affectionately refers to as his second home. "As you grow older, you have to still be a kid. Life is so serious and there continues to be more pressure the older you get. It's important for me to get to play with the kids, ride the rides, and be an active in my relationship with my kids," said James of his favorite vacation spot. He continued, "I'm grown up when I have to be, but being downright goofy when I want to be keeps me young at heart."

His passion for kids is also the driving force behind years spent as a youth hockey coach. After spending years coaching kids from 6-7 years old all the way to 14-15, James has learned how important it is for adults to have a positive effect on children. "You always wonder if you have an impact on kids," continued James, "and then 10 years later, when you see them carry the same respect and discipline outside the rink that they were taught in hockey, you realize you did. And they still call me coach!"

James is Castle Law Office's founder and president. He began his career with a passion for helping people get out of debt. James’ passion for working in the world of bankruptcy first came when he himself had to file for bankruptcy during law school. “After being laid off from General Motors, I found myself like 90% of the population,” explained James. The process was difficult for him but something positive did come out of it: it clarified what he wanted to do. “In law school, you take classes in the law but you aren’t taught about what kind of work is going to make you happy. I’m so grateful to have learned my passion early and followed my dream to become a great bankruptcy attorney,” finished James. 


He started his bankruptcy practice in 1994 and has taken the same drive and determination he used to help over 30,000 families get debt relief to help the victims of serious accidents. James gets the most enjoyment out of litigating complex cases and going up against the insurance companies for the tough fight.

Through his work with injured victims, James has learned that there are critical mistakes that can be made immediately after an accident that prevent those involved from being treated fairly by the insurance companies. As a result, he used his extensive knowledge of personal injury and passion for education to write his fifth publication, "I Survived! The Crash Victim's Guide to Dealing with the Aftermath." James said of his book, "Regardless of whether someone represents themselves or even files with another attorney, having the right information is absolutely vital. I feel it's my duty to get that information out there and make it available for free."

He attended St. Louis University School of Law and is admitted to practice law in Missouri and the Eastern and Southern Districts of Illinois.

His most recent achievements include being selected as one of America's Top 20 Premier Experts, for which he has been featured in such national publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, as well as interview appearances on Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC. He also co-authored a book with America's Premier Experts, Shift Happens, which provides the latest review n the economic recession. The book became a best-seller in three different categories soon after it was released.

In addition, he has been a featured guest on the prominent radio show "The Next Big Thing," and is the legal expert for St. Louis radio personality Niecy Davis from Foxy 95.5 during which he answers the most pressing legal questions from Missouri and Illinois residents.

Much of James' passion for injured persons is similar to his passion for his bankruptcy clients. "You have these giant companies and they are out to make a profit. Unfortunately, an insurance company makes a profit by paying out as little as possible, regardless of their actual injuries." He finished, "The best part of being the voice for these victims is getting the settlement and the treatment that the client actually deserves, not just what the insurance company is willing to give."

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